Three Wild Ways To Get Married In Las Vegas

We recently worked with a client renovating an old dining hall into a beautiful reception hall for elegant events such as weddings, quinzcenieras and other community events. This got us thinking about the craziest ways we heard about getting married in Las Vegas. While not directly real estate related, we thought we’d share with you our readers some local insight into three of the wildest ways to have a wedding in Las Vegas

Quick fact: close to 80,000 couples are getting wed in Las Vegas each year! Really! You might be wondering why saying “I do” in this city is so rampant. One reason is that it is the Sin City- yes, you can marry even without thinking about it seriously! And there are a lot of fun ways to do it.

All you need is a marriage license, a proof that you are 18 years or older, and around $60 and you can proceed to the county clerk’s office and exchange vows of eternal love.

Well, getting married in a county clerk’s office is not the most exciting marriage ceremony you may be looking for. To give you ideas on how to make your wedding more fun and a little maverick, check out the following alternatives of tying a knot in this city:

1. Las Vegas Wedding Wagon

This is like an “all-in” wedding package. For the price of $129, Las Vegas Wedding Wagon will give you wedding services you would usually need for a traditional wedding. In an instant, a company of an officiant, a witness (in case you need one); a photographer, and a helper for your legal work are always available to make your big day memorable minus the hassles. You can request them to organize the wedding in some unconventional places for wedding events such as the Pinball Hall of Fame, The Neon Museum, or the Mob Museum.

2. The Saltwater Aquarium at Silverton Casino

If you and your fiancée are not afraid of going in the deep, this wedding package will be your best choice. Imagine getting hitched inside a saltwater aquarium with intimidating sharks and stingrays encircling the two of you. Oh wait; there is also Dory and Nemo waiting to pose for your wedding photos! On the side note, both of you needs to have a certificate in scuba diving before you will be allowed to be wed down there.

Don’t worry, if something goes wrong there are safety teams and a mermaid on standby. If you wish to wear a traditional wedding dress, that can be arranged as well.

3. Skydive Las Vegas

If your love is above the clouds, prove it! Say “I do” 16,000 feet above sea level by freefalling at the speed of 120 to 140 mph. You can get wed while free falling, attached to professional skydivers so you don’t have to worry about dying on your wedding day. Plus, some of Nevadas famous tourist attractions such as Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, The Strip, and The Red Canyon will appear on your wedding pictures from the bird’s eye viewpoint.


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